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The “Association of Japanese Agricultural Scientific Societies” is an association consisting of many agricultural science societies as members.

The “Association of Japanese Agricultural Scientific Societies” was established in 1929 and commenced operation in 1930 as an association aiming to contribute to the advancement of agricultural science and technology, and to develop comprehensive agricultural science through cooperation of academic societies in various fields.

The association was registered as a general incorporated association on November 1, 2017 and started its operation as a corporation on January 26, 2018.

It became clear that the global environment and resources were finite in the 21st century, and establishment of a resource-recycling society is now on the global agenda. It is also an important topic for agricultural sciences, envisioned by the Association of Japanese Agricultural Scientific Societies.

Agricultural science is often thought to mean only the disciplines directly related to agriculture, but that is agricultural science in a very narrow sense.

The Agricultural Society of Japan includes not only agricultural sciences in the narrow sense, but also forestry, fisheries and veterinary medicine, as well as a wide range of other disciplines including basic and applied sciences related to fields such as biological production, biological environment, and biotechnology.

In other words, the mission of the Agricultural Society of Japan is to develop and disseminate agricultural science as a comprehensive science that covers a wide range of fields from the basics to the application of natural sciences and social sciences, and ultimately contributes to the survival and advancement of humanity.

The number of societies in the Association has increased from 16 members at the time of establishment to 52. This increase is due to the subdivision of research fields that resulted from advancement in various academic fields (As of March 2019)

The “Association of Japanese Agricultural Scientific Societies” is currently engaged mainly in the following activities:

1.Liaison and cooperation with its member societies, and any other activities required for the Association internally and externally.
2.Research and recommendations on the promotion of agricultural sciences.
3.Achievement recognition and research encouragement.
4.Other businesses necessary to achieve the purpose of the Association.

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